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Alfonso Ohnur
Our latest collection of long-sleeve tops and lightweight sweatshirts feature exclusive artwork from renowned Spanish photographer Alfonso Ohnur.
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Craftsmanship + Sustainability

All garments are manufactured in certified factories in the United States. Leather goods are manufactured in certified factories in Spain, using audited and certified leather suppliers meeting the highest levels for sustainability and environmental impact.

All fabrics are certified by Oeko-Tex providing assurance of safety and sustainability standards.

All leather goods are created with fully traceable and certified by independent auditors and inspectors though the Leather Working Group to provide assurance of sustainability, social responsibility and auditing standards.

The Spirit of the Teton Valley

Poppy America has taken its cue from the beauty and craftsmanship that have been the spirit of Wyoming. The Teton has always been about conservation and utilizing elements locally, but sparingly. As a limited-run apparel and accessories brand specializing in ultra-high quality men’s and women’s wear, Poppy America’s design house is led by Wyoming native, Sheree Small. As Creative Director, she focuses on delivering exceptionally crafted apparel and accessories, she utilizes the absolute highest quality, environmentally responsible and organically durable fabrics, stitching and hardware available.

All factories have been independently audited and certified to exceed the norms on worker safety, wages, environmental impact and sustainability.

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All leather is used is certified by the LWG to their strictest standards, ensuring exceptionally treated animals and sustainability.
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