Exclusively licensed for this exquisite collection, the photograph encapsulates an unparalleled essence that ignites the senses and invites profound contemplation. This captivating visual creation was meticulously captured by none other than the visionary lens of Alfonso Ohnur, a distinguished Spanish fashion photographer of unparalleled global acclaim.

Ohnur’s artistic journey reads like a masterpiece, adorned with milestones that have left an indelible mark on the world of fashion. His portfolio is a testament to his creative genius, featuring iconic collaborations with luminaries that range from the iconic Kate Moss and luxury titan LVMH to renowned names like Cartier, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Esquire, Architectural Digest (AD), Glamour, Citizen K, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and even the colossal force that is Inditex.

Yet, Alfonso Ohnur’s mastery extends beyond the confines of a glossy page. His lens has painted portraits of ethereal elegance on captivating personalities, gracing the likes of Liya Kebede and the mesmerizing Stella Tennant. These iconic figures have been rendered timeless through Ohnur’s artistic alchemy, etching his name amongst the visionaries who have shaped the fashion narrative.

The collaboration between Alfonso Ohnur and Poppy America is an orchestration of creative brilliance and conscious craftsmanship. At Poppy America, we fervently believe that every thread, every contour, and every photograph should echo the symphony of unapologetic individuality and self-expression. Partnering with Alfonso Ohnur was a natural evolution of this ethos, as his lens eloquently articulates the story we endeavor to tell.

Our shared vision found form through an alchemical blend of Alfonso Ohnur’s photographic ingenuity and Poppy America’s unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion. The photograph stands as a testament to our collective dedication to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and celebrating authenticity in the realm of design.

This photograph serves as more than just an entrancing addition to our collection; it embodies our brand’s profound respect for the artistry of craftsmanship, the sanctity of sustainability, and the transcendent power of visual storytelling. By exclusively licensing this extraordinary creation, Poppy America not only pays homage to Alfonso Ohnur’s remarkable body of work but also invites you to partake in the exquisite fusion of his artistic brilliance with our conscious and elegant designs.

This collaboration marks a pivotal intersection of style and artistry, a harmonious dance between a visionary photographer and a brand that believes fashion is a canvas for unbridled expression and lasting elegance. As you explore this collection, you are invited to witness the synergy of talent that has birthed a unique dialogue between fashion and art, and to engage in an experience where every stitch, every photograph, and every moment reflects the grand narrative of style, innovation, and the boundless vistas of creative exploration.

Author Sheree Small

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